Diffusion et promotion du court métrage


Created in 1997, Héliotrope is an audiovisual not-for-profit organization that promotes “films of less than an hour” in Nice. Since then, the association has been involved in distributing and promoting short films, and supporting authors and artists through Un Festival C’est Trop Court!, the European Short Film Festival on the Côte d’Azur.

Héliotrope is also a leading operator in film education in the Alpes-Maritimes. Throughout the year, the association’s teaching team runs practical artistic workshops around films and filmmaking for children from nursery school to secondary school in the region.

85 people, including 59 volunteers and 26 members of the team, produced the 23rd edition of Un Festival C’est Trop Court!

“To see and show films. The purpose of the association in favor of short films has remained the same since 1997. Each year, UFCTC widens the circle around this founding idea, in the hope of fertilizing minds and moods with character and emotion.”

Laurent TREMEAU, Artistic director


The association also collaborates throughout the year with numerous festivals and artistic events, both regional and national. Highly involved in the cultural dynamics of the city of Nice, it regularly establishes partnerships with other associations in order to consolidate the associative network, to encourage local cultural activities and foster short film liveliness throughout the year.