Diffusion et promotion du court métrage


Héliotrope, a not-for-profit organization, is also a leading operator in film education in the Alpes-Maritimes. Throughout the year, the association’s teaching team run practical artistic workshops in a wide range of schools and other organisations open to the public. Approved by the Ministry of Education and the Youth and Sports Department, Héliotrope organises workshops around films and filmmaking for children from nursery school to secondary school in the region. The association also works with disadvantaged groups to make cinema accessible to everyone.

By looking behind the scenes, workshop participants are encouraged to develop a spirit of analysis and critical distance from images.

A fun and interactive tool, the Mash Up Table allows a new approach to editing by juggling cards from films containing sounds, actions and pictures.

The “Cinematic Briefcase” is a pre-cinema discovery tool that allows participants to discover the world of motion picture before the appearance of the cinematograph through three workshops: the title bench, optical toys, pinhole camera.

Editing workshop on the Mash Up table, a fun and interactive tool specially designed for film education