de Dalibor Matanic

2011 / 14’

Production : KINORAMA, Ankica Juric Tilic, Hrvoje Pervan
Montage : Tomislav Pavlic
Son : Dubravka Premar
Interprétation : Leona Paraminski, Jagoda Kralj Novak, Alen Liveric

3/6 Mezzanine is the third story of a 6/6 omnibus about six apparently different young women who live at geographically different locations in apparently different circumstances, but share the world of intimacy we sink into.

Mezzanine is set in an alienated city ruled by merciless principles of corporate society, in which a young woman consents to be reduced to mere human flesh, as it is the only way into the game of survival. Her mother encourages the daughter to embark into this merciless world, becoming aware that her own child is irreversibly damaged. The two of them play a silent game with its main goal - solving the existence problems - achieved, yet they are aware that the aftermath is more than present.

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