First Lady of Dubrava

de Barbara Vekarić

2011 / 10’

Production : Akademija dramske umjetnosti (ADU), Ivana Grubišić Perišić, Marijana Martelock
Contact :
Scénario : Barbara Vekarić
Image : Filip Tot
Montage : Sara Gregorić
Interprétation : Tena Pataky, Marija Piliškić, Asim Ugljen, Lana Barić, Slavica Knežević

Amra is a girl from da hood, the whole block knows her name, she’s rocking some porno rap, but looking like a dame... Dina is her younger fat sister, a spoiled brat, born to torture her. She suffers from asthma, and uses it to get what she wants. Amra and her ‘manager’ plan to shoot a music video for Amra’s song Girl From da Hood, on the same day her parents are travelling to Bosnia, and Amra gets stuck with her kid sister Dina.

Extrait // First Lady of Dubrava de Barbara Vekarić

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